Swim & Triathlon Travel

If you're competing (or attending as a spectator) in an interstate or international swim or triathlon, your mind should be focused on the challenge that lies ahead. The last thing you need is for your travel arrangements to go wrong. At Cousins Tours and Travel, we understand your special needs and have experience in ensuring your trip runs smoothly.

We offer special insurance for bikes, and have knowledge and relationships with airlines that accommodate your special needs.

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"My plan was to swim in my favourite open water swims over summer and then keep my fitness up for the mid May swim in Fiji. What a trip! It would have to go down as one as one of the best times of my life.
Of course, I paid for my lack of training over the next few days when I was numb with pain. I do plan to do it again - but next time I'll train!

Chris Corrigan
Castaway Island swim, Fiji