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Registration for the 2021/22 Great Victorian Swim Series is open. Because of all the uncertainty and the almost aborted swim season last year, together with the wonderful teams at Register Now & Tomato Timing we have decided to make this season a very scaled back version & most importantly FREE to join the series. (you would still enter and pay for each event separately).


THE 2020/2021 SEASON  (SHOULD BE SIMILAR IN 2022/23)

The Great Victorian Swim Series is a not for profit “club” promoting fitness, fun, camaraderie & competition among swimmers and supporters of the Victorian open water swim community.  For a small annual registration fee you will receive many benefits while helping to raise funds for Victorian Life Saving Clubs.

The Great Victorian Swim Series is brought to you by Cousins Tours & Travel and Light on Landscape. We are grateful for the support of Masters Swimming Victoria .  Most importantly, the series runs alongside  ocean swim events that are all conducted by our hard working and critical Surf Life Saving Clubs and the funds raised from the swims go to keeping our beaches safe. 
Due to Coronavirus restrictions the 20/21 GVSS season is likely to look very different..

We have been in discussions with event organisers and are optimistic that if stringent restrictions are still in place at the end of the year some open water swim events will be able to proceed under modified conditions. Watch this space!
We want to keep our wonderful GVSS family together so we have launched a scaled back 20/21 series. We will be “building the plane as we fly”! We are “hoping for the best while preparing for the worst”. Clearly we have been watching too much television!

The wonderful Catfish have designed a limited-edition range for GVSS 20/21. We love the design which encapsulates this unprecedented and distressing time we are all experiencing. The past few years GVSS bathers have been heavily subsidised so we could offer to members at an amazing price. Due to current circumstances and limited order the price will be increased but still way below regular retail prices. Who wouldn’t want to own one of these once in a lifetime collector pieces? All Catfish swimwear is designed and manufactured in Australia……Go Catfish!!

Orders for bathers close 10 September. Registration closes 15 October.

Changes 20/21 GVSS season

• Reduced registration ($25) includes event t-shirt and results for events that do proceed
• Proceeds will support ‘Survivors of Suicide & Friends’
• Opportunity to purchase limited-edition 20/21 GVSS bathers
• Details & “rules” likely to change

 Dates and details of participating events subject to change.

About the Swim Series

The "Great Victorian Swim Series"  is an ocean swim series for the thousands of recreational swimmers who take part in individual swims over summer. The aim of the series is to encourage more people to be active and take part in these great community events that help raise money for our surf life saving clubs.

Entry to the series is simple and you get some great gear and the chance to win heaps more, even if you're not a fast swimmer who is vying for a series win


Click here to enter: 

  • Entry to the series costs only $25
  • entry includes:
    • The option to purchase Catfish series bathers at an amazing $38 - $48 per pair. (additional series apparel available for purchase)
    • GVSS  t-shirt
    • Series results updated after each race. 
    • Eligibility for category & spot prizes.

Competitors need to register for the series by 15 October 2020,  Enter by 10 September to guarantee series t-shirt and option to purchase series bathers. There is no requirement to complete a minimum number of events, you don't have to do any races to win prizes!


 2020/21 series bathers




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It is the responsibility of individuals to enter participating races in the series in addition to the series itself. 

(details likely to change for 20/21 season)

The top 19 competitors in each category will receive placing points and each competitor after 19th place will receive 1 point for participation (excludes DNS and DNF results).

The scoring system for the series gives everyone a chance to finish amongst the top places.

The swim series is divided into the following seven categories for both Male and Female.
Age at 16 December 2020.

Ages: 12 to 17, 18 to 29, 30 to 39, 40 to 49, 50 to 59, 60 to 69 & 70+


Points and Scoring

Each race in the Swim Series earns you points into the overall score for the series. You are only competing against people in your own category.

To be eligible for category and spot prizes, competitors must register for the series before 15 October 2020.
Points are awarded for entrants in each swim as follows from 20 points down to 1 point based on their placing in the event. (male & female in each category awarded points)
For example 1st = 20pts, 2nd = 19pts, 3rd = 18pts, 4th = 17pts, 5th = 16pts ...down to 1 pt.
All competitors receive a minimum of 1 point for each event for participation.

Final series points  will be based on your 6 best results  (likely to change!)

If you swim twice in two age categories on the same day then the registered age category will apply.  ( eg Open and age Category )

The series is open to swimmers, supporters and the very important towel and bag holders. 

Points Qualification:
You automatically qualify for series points once you have registered for the series. Everyone registering for the series is eligible for spot prizes - not compulsory to compete in the swims.

Races with Different Lengths:

It is likely only one race distance will be offered in the 20/21 season

Terms and Conditions of point scoring are subject to change.

Congratulations and thanks to all of you that support the clubs and swims - together with Masters Swimming Victoria, Catfish and all participating surf clubs we hope you all have a great swim season!


If you or your company would like to be part of the swim series as a  sponsor we would love to hear from you.  Help us make the swim series bigger and better for 2018/19 - click here to contact us.

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